Four Point Insurance Inspections

What is a Florida Four Point Inspection?

After Hurricane Andrew in Florida, Insurance Companies in Florida have been trying to encourage homeowners to make their homes safer and reduce insurance claims. Many of the insurance companies and JUA (Joint Underwriting Association) now request Four Point Inspection, which often include, but not limited to: 

1. Roof Inspection 

2. Electrical Inspection 

3. HVAC (Heat & Air Conditioning) 

4. Plumbing 

What is a Four Point Inspection going to Cost me?

The cost of a Four Point Inspection is generally based on the size of the home by square feet and the age of the home and location.

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What are they looking for in these four point inspection reports?

They are generally looking for most systems in the four-point inspection to have been updated to current standards and are in good condition. The four-point inspection is a tool for them to evaluate your homes condition on the four points.

Forms. Are there special forms?

YES! Some insurance companies in Florida have forms that may be used for at least one of the four points (Electrical). In this particular form they have asked about the age, type and certain elements of the electrical system, which may have high claim ratios. We provide our own four point inspection forms that cover all 4 points of the Four Point Inspection.

Who performs this four-point inspection?

The Florida Insurance Companies prefer to use licensed and qualified Inspectors to complete the four-point inspection. That is able to provide a professional opinion to the four areas inspected. Homeowners cannot fill out the four-point inspection form themselves.

Who can Guarantee the four point inspection

NONE! Please be clear that Florida Home Inspection Inc. is not employed by Insurance companies, and cannot guarantee any aspect of the four point inspection, including but not limited to: INSURABILITY, UNDERWRITING, NEED FOR ADDITIONAL CERTIFICATION OR INSPECTIONS SUBSEQUENT TO INITIAL INSPECTION, WORK TO BE PERFORMED FOLLOWING INSPECTION, Etc.