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 We really enjoy helping our clients in this home inspection process. Customer service at Florida Home Inspection Inc is our highest priority. We have been inspecting homes for over 13 years in the Florida Area. During the home inspection we work hard to try to find any and all defects in the home and make sure everything is working properly as it was intended to.

Inspected Once and Inspected Right

 We will point out problems during the home inspection and explain them to you about your house. The home inspector will also show you the good points of the house as well. Plus, we will explain what routine maintenance is needed to keep the house in top condition. We look for the items sellers and banks are trying to hide from you and report those items to you due to the past storms in Florida.

Be Confident In the Property you Purchase

 We only work for the buyer of the home for the home inspection. We do not work with or for any realtors. We will not allow the seller or the realtor to hide issues from you. We are there to find any issues during the home inspection and report them to you fairly and give you the proper direction needed to make a decision about your new home. 

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